📣 【GO Canada Mission Now Calling for Taiwan startups! 】🚀

Startup Terrace is leading a Taiwan startup delegation to Canada this year! Let’s fly and explore the North America market together! APPLY NOW for limited seats! 🚀

With an aim to expanding Taiwan startup businesses into North America markets, Startup Terrace will select 5 excellent startups on the mission to Toronto, Canada for a short landing program. There will be online training workshops, one-on-one mentoring, matchmakings, business visits and networking events. To maximize your international exposure, we will also participate in iconic local events – Collision.⚡ 💥

The selected teams can enjoy the subsidy for #collision #tickets #booth, and #office #space!

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Startup teams, according to SMESA, refer to the companies registered in Taiwan within 8 years, and the industries of AI, AIoT, Fintech, Biotech, Meditech, Greentech, Semiconductor and Manufacturing Industry are preferred.

The application is open until April. 10th.

✅Apply now: https://reurl.cc/g41ZZL