PLI Scheme on ICT Products – Explained

The Government of India (GoI) implements schemes to address the social and economic well-being of its people. These schemes are essential for addressing many socioeconomic problems that impact Indian society. Production Linked Incentive Scheme, or PLI, is one such scheme that encourages businesses to increase sales of products made in the country.

The scheme, according to the central government, aims to increase domestic manufacturing while lowering import costs. PLI attempts to provide businesses with incentives for additional sales of goods produced domestically. In addition, it also invites foreign companies to set up units in India and also intends to encourage domestic/local industries to open or expand their manufacturing facilities, create more jobs, and lessen India’s dependency on imports from other nations.

This report covers:

  • What is a PLI scheme?
  • PLI Scheme: Brief Background
  • Sectors Under PLI Scheme
  • PLI scheme for Electronics and IT Hardware
  • Why are PLI schemes so crucial for India?

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PLI Scheme on ICT Products – Explained