India’s manufacturing sector records a robust performance; Reliance's Tamil Nadu campus will be Meta's first data centre; ICEA in talks with fund houses to establish an exchange for high tech India firms; PLI schemes draw more than Rs 1.06 lakh crore in investments till December; RRP Electronics to invest Rs 5,000 crore in a semiconductor facility; Domestic startups facing increased scrutiny from income tax authorities

Pegatron in discussions with Tata to sell its iPhone plant in India; Tata Group to rope in top talent from Taiwan for semiconductor manufacturing; Indian govt coming up with a new AI law to safeguard content creators' and news publishers' rights; Devika, India’s first AI engineer who can do it all; Foxconn's Bharat FIH looks beyond Xiaomi; PLI cuts imports while sparking a boom in local electronics manufacturing; April 1 marks the start of a new ₹500 crore plan to promote electric mobility

E-bus battery swap norms to initiate soon; India a symbol of hope for smaller, aspirational space nations; AWS collaborating with Indian startups; Hydrogen's role in clean energy transition discussed; Zepto, Meesho, and Pine Labs waiting their return to India; Govt unsatisfactory over HCL, Foxconn chip JV; US persuaded New Delhi to reverse its laptop laws

Deep Tech Policy nearing end of consultation; First semiconductor chip from the Dholera plant to be released; DAVV teams up with pvt varsity of tech in Taiwan; India adopts EV policy; Rayprus is seeking to enter India after Corning; India, US, South Korea consider tech sector cooperation; EMPS to promote e2W, e3W; 2024 venture capital investment activity fueled by scaled startups

Digital wallet scheme coming in Q4; Energy Absolute and Bangkok develop new green aviation fuel venture; Absolute Clean Energy starts offering net-zero solutions; VAT now applied to all imported goods; Thailand eager to partake in chip frenzy; Vietnamese business raises $1.5 million for sand battery solution that reduces carbon emissions; Nordic firms interested in investing in Vietnam due to its net-zero commitment; Indonesia all set to host 7th Global Conference

Hydrogen power for usage in government buildings; Negotiations for Thai-EU free trade association; Toyota to produce electric pickups in Thailand; Thailand eager to participate in the chip trend; MOU for regional digitization and AI signed; Used Battery Recycling Initiative in Thailand; launches ESG; Maybank and Gentari to collaborate; SOLS Energy: A pioneering initiative in Malaysia's solar energy landscape; Green power Programme expected to create jobs; IIB to collaborate with Cenergi SEA

Delta sets up its investment strategies; EU free trade discussions with Thailand to be finalized; Egco desires to expand its use of hydrogen fuel in Indonesia; National AI Strategy lists six projects; Trade agreement between Thailand and non-EU countries; Thailand's exports increased 10% year on year; Scholz Courts Asean Countries; Malaysia maintains key rate stable; BMW to open EV battery plant in Thailand; Sustainable business methods of BDMS well regarded globally; ASEAN to be led By Malaysia in 2025; Malaysia aims to sell 80% Electric Vehicles by 2050; Malaysia ahead of the northern region's E&E Industry Development Curve

Export expects continued expansion; Bangkok meeting in May to address key challenges; BDI collaborates with state to build a data-driven country; Tech partnership to encourage Thailand's adoption of 5G; January saw significant gains in foreign investment EEC ID system to launch in September; Malaysia's ringgit decline; Maxis partners with Huawei; FedEx begins testing EV cross-border delivery; Malaysia's business confidence still rising; TNB Malaysia aims to electrify 30% of its operational fleet by 2030; Pantas and Solarvest to assist Malaysian companies; Sarawak to become hydrogen hub by 2027

印度的城市人口每年不斷攀升,因此印度極需採取能改善城市基礎設施的措施。2015年印度政府推動了一項稱為「智慧城 […]

 本會於11月9日舉辦【馬來西亞2030新工業大藍圖市場機會與商機拓展分享會】。馬國政府於今年9月1日正式宣布推出 "2030年新工業大藍圖" (NIMP 2030)。 這項宏大計畫將在7年內投資950億馬幣,旨在推動21項產業的數位化與自動化發展、零排放以及高競爭力的產業。現場吸引近70位產業先進共襄盛舉,聽取產業專家們的專業解說、商機分析、合資關鍵議題及成功的市場拓銷經驗。活動後本會已彙整「馬來西亞2030新工業大藍圖市場機會與商機」報告乙份,馬來西亞投資發展局 MIDA執行總監 Ms. Masni Muhammad及馬來西亞自動化科技協會Johnson Tan理事長則為我們帶來馬來西亞2030新工業大藍圖介紹及對馬國自動化產業的影響與機會。

為了達到2070年淨零碳排的目標,印度各層級政府積極推出獎勵政策,期望刺激電動車生產、電網建置等綠色產業發展, […]

人工智慧(AI)在印度迅速成長中,印度軟體協會(NASSCOM)預測,AI將佔印度2025年GDP的10%,等 […]